Tides of Life

Surviving these times, riding the tides of life.

All of the lows and all of the highs.

Knowing no beginning unaware of any end.

There’s no need to cry just smile and grin.

The pain won’t last, it’ll pass in time.

Making us stronger and adding depth to life.

If you stay a float or if you let yourself go into the deep.

Either way you must ride the waves because the wave is you the wave is me.

Sri Taris


The butterfly

Out of its cocoon like a newborn fresh out of his mother’s womb

Not encumbered by the past or the many traps in life, his soul is free and glows luminous as the moon

In his heart there is much wisdom, his mind has become empty appearances may mislead, he is no one’s fool

He spreads his wings and for the first time he realizes he can lift himself higher than life’s misfortune and gloom

Fearless he flies forever in grace riding the ever changing winds of life enjoying the moments never holding on to any sights

His beauty captivates, a sign for change, a symbol of hope to a mind and heart torn apart by the ignorance of man and his lust to devestate

You and I are this butterfly, the butterfly is you and I. Let go of, “who you are” let your spirit, body, and mind embrace it’s wings, be free, and fly!

Sri Taris

On the Other Side

What awaits me on the other side?

Certain of sure uncertainty curiously thinking about taking a dive.

Into realms unknown and foreign to what I have grown accustomed.

This world is sweet and sour in the latest hours I’ve felt the need to bid an adew.

Taking flight into the night hoping that I won’t fall back into wretchedness, discontent, and being confused of what’s my next move.

The longing for pleasure has left me empty of myself.

Empty, as I move in this land filled with walking corpses having found escape from their tombs.

Empty, like my mind when I first came out of my mother’s womb.

Emotions become ravenous in the mind of I, they’re starving for my attention but I’ve grown detached I feel these parts of me die inside.

No wake, no burial, no funeral. Just I and them sit, I watch them parish a tear forms in my eye but there is no one to cry.

Emptiness envelopes me I can’t tell from where the emotions came and where of them they have went.

Time spent, like currency in constant exchanges hoping that in time I can realize the inner most of me that is changeless.

Shapeless in form and in action no regrets truly shameless. Disregard to all opinions for they are not from minds that are stainless.

The battle wages inside of me deep, deeper, yet ever more deep the key is, and the more I grasp the more it becomes out of my reach.

I’m drowning in the depth of my mind’s ocean I gasp for air realizing that I cant breath but yet I still inhale. Realizing but yet I still exhale. Emptiness.

It was only me, it was only a dream or was it real and this is the dream. Tangled web in which the mind weaves. Not knowing how might I see.

Sri Taris