Peaceful Times

Compassionate courage, to fight without raising arms

The biggest action is non action, to fight in the name of peace

Is to truly fight for the self and selfish desires, this is not the way

The only war that can bring peace is no war

Let’s learn to effectively communicate instead of terrorize and mutilate

Other human beings, who may have an opinion that’s opposing

Openness to all sides is the key and the doorway to higher learning

Once we can put all the petty differences aside

Think of our children’s paradise, we could create if we would unite

Come together for a common goal instead of self seeking individuals

This point it’s critical, humanity to become whole, one unified mind

Imagine operating as one human body instead of all these severed extremities

The future lies hidden in the present, in order to survive and thrive we must learn the past’s lessons.

Let’s Be humble be truthful and always remember to count our blessings.

Sri Taris


Where to Turn

Driving my brain to the brink of insanity unable to grasp this perishable reality

I’ve been up, I’ve been down, but how do I walk straight, & be free now

Where to turn, for a sign of the light Where to turn, I look, it’s out of my sight

But I feel the heat rising inside of me, growing, guiding me on life’s eternal mysterious sea

If I keep turning, and turning, when, when shall I stop, I must stop in order to begin.

I must rise, I must rise, I must rise. There’s no more turning, stillness I’ve realized is life

I must rise, I Am forever ascending. Stillness in motion is my inner essence, I am alive now, ever living ever present, growing ever more aware of life’s beauty and all her blessings.

Sri Taris

Baggage add Burdens

Mental warfare, the mind can become  convoluted cluttered with useless junk

Festering thoughts of envy and hate, rob ourselves from clarity, purity, and all the divine’s grace.

Excessive accumulation of these thoughts leads to depression as they begin to fumigate like a corpse of a skunk.

Jealousy and greed prevents you from seeing, realizing, and manifesting the life of your dreams.
Hold on please, for the sake us you and I, we shape the mind’s of all our fellow human beings. 

Guard your mind, stay at home, stay present. For our thoughts convey and conduct many blessings, but unguarded can be the utmost fatal weapon. 

Plotting on your neighbor, elaborate schemes to block, stop, or come in between the exhibition of life, equals internal suffering and strife.

Mental burdens come from the baggage we carry, for we all our on a trip. Travel light my dear ones only way to be open and experience the true nature of you, the essence of bliss. 

Sri Taris 

I Can Feel

I can feel you’re afraid to go too far

But when it comes to love,

It’s never far enough

I can feel lately 

You’ve been missing my touch

You forgot who to turn to 

I can feel you don’t know 

If you Can trust you

May I remind you

If lost baby, I will always find you

If you can just let go

I’ll let my heart guide you

Back to love

Back to love

Back to love 

My dear one true love

It’s Just the two of us

That’s my conclusion 

In this beautiful illusion

Free of pain

Free of suffering

Life can be so amusing

Without love,

Life can be o so very confusing

Beauty in the sight

Of living life spreading love and light

Sri Taris 

Heaven On Earth, Let Us Let Go and Live in True Bliss 

I belong to no creed, or religion, I Am apart of no religious sect. But my soul yearns to expand itself, so I study all of the religious texts.

There cannot be no one true way, to innerstand and realize the essence of pure faith. Faith not in any ideology or man made concept, but the faith and knowing that we are apart of the one, indescribable higher than one’s self. 

No need to condemn, judge, or criticize. Be in love with the flow of life and let grace open your single eye. Clarity, the ability to see thru the facade, the play of light to the two eyes then becomes no more than an amusing mirage.

Just let it go my dear ones, live the truth only to be known inside of you. Be yourself, the real self and discover the world anew. Love the perceiver, love all that is perceived, for it is you and you are it, no need for religion or dogma to find the true you and understand the power to believe.

Walk a path but understand your road is no higher or lower than the next man’s. If it resonates with you no worries, learn and live, live and learn. Peace for all no matter any differences, bliss for all no matter what your belief or religion is. Unite and rise is the next step for humanity, heaven on Earth for all, and we all may witness this.

Sri Taris