Spirits Move In Me

Starry night, I watch the bodies move through the heavens. Their light illuminated my soul I behold a glorious blessing.

These days are always followed by nights, this is all I know. Eternity seems to be here and now, time and space a river into an ocean they flow.

The sky is endless it’s so vast and with no end in sight to my knowledge it’s infinite.

This Earth heart beats, her rhythm is truly divine. Her spirit feels the air I breathe, I inhale her and forever she is apart of me.

Thank you great spirits of the universe, for sustaining beings. This life is a beautiful dream.

Sri Taris


The Situation

Sometimes I just want to kick push like Lupe.

And get as far away from the facades in my face, faker than a bald man’s toupee.

And if I could just coast, no stress no worries just enjoying life and her every moments with no hurry.

That would be supreme and serene but it truly seems that society has a problem with humans simply just being.

With a million and one distractions it becomes hard for one to find traction. Easily getting caught up in choosing sides in a million and one factions.

Division of the human body is our current predicament but I can see the times changing. Nothing stays the same I observed and witness molecules rearranging.

I can see it clearly we are little prices in the big puzzle, finding harmony within brings peace externally and that’s the end to all of self induced suffering.

Take a step back you’ll see that if I look you in your eyes I don’t you all I can see is me. We are all one in the same pretending to be a name.

Sri Taris


What happened to the fairy tales does anyone still believe in happy endings? Fighting with all your heart to get to a space nobody could’ve foreseen due to your turmoiltous beginnings

Overcoming yourself and all of your illusionary fears, discovering your inner strength and smiling through all of the tears.

Good and evil, evil and good one in the same perception is the key to unlocking this game. Open your mind, open your heart, open your eye, see the unity and escape those chains of thought.

What happened to the magic of the “myths” of past? These stories were based in truth but because of logic they became only stories to entertain. But those who feel know that the magic still remains.

In our hearts the key to unlocking the door to free perception is buried. But the magic of life never died no matter how deep this present world tries to contain it in its cemetery.

The love of life and the life in all won’t allow hope to completely vanish and magic to entirely dissolve.

It’s all around you if you choose to believe. If you open your eye and your heart you will feel as well as see.

The magic in the atmosphere is never too far but always near. Love the unknown it’s only an aspect of you not discovered there’s no need to fear.

Magic is real, embrace the magic, cultivate your inner magic and don’t judge. Your body’s end is inevitable but your eternal soul is what makes life magical.

Sri Taris

My Lady, Masterpiece

She captured my attention I just had to mention. Your mouth speaks no words but the way your body talks I can’t help but sit and listen.

Your inner wold must be magnificent because your outer beauty is out of this world and your body’s dimensions are simply masterfully exquisite

A work of art is what I see when I set my eyes upon you. The world is your backdrop and you’re the center peice.

Created with such grace you radiate. Every stroke that is you, is perfection a timeless masterpiece. I can feel your energy as you glow your beauty is something beyond the need of eyes to percieve.

You’re immaculate from your feet to your waist to your face for you to be, there must be a God, you could make even the most devout athiest believe.

I always believed there was a such thing as angels, you have to be made out of love because in your presence I can’t help but be spontaneously thankful.

We are all works of art but you had to be painted with the brush of love because there’s something that sets you apart. You’re down to Earth but you’re like the dove the pureness of your heart blesses you with wings to rise and fly above.

Sri Taris

The butterfly

Out of its cocoon like a newborn fresh out of his mother’s womb

Not encumbered by the past or the many traps in life, his soul is free and glows luminous as the moon

In his heart there is much wisdom, his mind has become empty appearances may mislead, he is no one’s fool

He spreads his wings and for the first time he realizes he can lift himself higher than life’s misfortune and gloom

Fearless he flies forever in grace riding the ever changing winds of life enjoying the moments never holding on to any sights

His beauty captivates, a sign for change, a symbol of hope to a mind and heart torn apart by the ignorance of man and his lust to devestate

You and I are this butterfly, the butterfly is you and I. Let go of, “who you are” let your spirit, body, and mind embrace it’s wings, be free, and fly!

Sri Taris

Finding Balance, As I Stumble

One foot at a time, one step. One foot and then another in front. I balance on life’s tight rope.

It’s a high wire act and it’s a long way down. Do I dare stare into the eyes of the endless abyss?

The sweat from my forehead drips down my face kissing my lips rolling over my cheek and falling past my waist.

I forget the risk and all that is at stake.

I hear a whisper in the distance, followed by a sudden glimmer my eye caught a flash of light from afar.

My ears heard the beautiful melody of Santana’s Spanish guitar. I loose myself in the act the height of the wire is no matter.

I Am taken out of this state suddenly I stumble as the fear grew, it became a truth ever so near.

I could die if I fall, what of me if i fail. Will I make it, shall my soul prevail.

Death creeps into my mind as I continue to stumble, balance I cannot find.

Frozen, paralyzed, close to comatose as I stumble trying to find balance as I’m walking life’s tight rope.

But there’s hope, I Am saved by grace to get out of this defeated mind state.

I breath fully balancing on tip toes, I come close to falling into the nothing that is below me.

I leap and I dance as my confidence returned. I did find balance, as I stumbled. I’ll never die is the phrase in my ear giving me the strength too conquer all fears.

Find balance, as you stumble. Keep your head up and your feet beneath you and I garuntee you’ll be triumphant through any and all struggles.

Just keep your balance, don’t worry if you stumble. Find balance, as you stumble. Keep your eyes open for a way out the jungle.

Sri Taris