In My Cauldron

In my cauldron you know not in which I brew. Charms, enchantment, spells are all abound. 

Don’t look to deep in the depth of my cauldron your soul may become lost unable to be found. 

In my cauldron some say bubble wicked things, but not anymore so than a mind filled with vanity and greed. 

Deeds were done, oh, how they do there deeds, not knowing the extent of their lies and the hurt caused by the lure to mislead

In my cauldron only eye may see, for two eyes cannot see into the future. Two eyes blur and misconstrue the view of what is, but stay in remembrance the world in which you see is but a dream a lucid one at that, and your thoughts, your heart, and your perception creates your individual reality know this as a fact. 

She would be called a witch, she knows well of magic but they are no tricks. She showed me how, she showed me the way, she made clear the game in which we all must play. 

Don’t judge for all things you think but do not know, and all isn’t what it seems. Careful dear one, eyes lie only heart may perceive in truth the divine show. 

In my cauldron I concoct peace and bliss, to live in eternity thou shall forget me not.

Sri Taris  


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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