See The Game, Choose Your Role 

All I’ve ever seen with these two eyes are unreal. When my eye became single I became free of seperation and the illusion of duality fell from me. Through my single eye, I could see the world as a whole. 

One living being, being all things and all things in being. No more pain for the mascarade is but a game. A game to be played but not to be played by. Looking with your heart not just your mind and blind eyes. See the truth that dwells inside of you. 

No more worries, no more fear, no Moore anxiety, for I can see things clear. Choose your name for in this game you need a name to play, choose your role, for this game is one of choices. You may decide whether to be really alive or merely existing while dying inside.

Just breath, relax, and enjoy the ride of life. 

Sri Taris 


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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