Can I Call You Friend?

Can I call you friend?

If I needed a shoulder would you be there to lend, it to me in my most desperate time of need. Open up your arms to me as my heart grieves and the tears materialized from my eyes, roll down my cheek, and soak your sleeves. 

Can I call you friend?

Am I someone you would confide in when the world gets too hard, when your lost, when you don’t know where to look or to turn and how much more you can bend. 

Can I call you friend?

When the life you’ve unconsciously created is your main source of hatred and you realize you’re the problem and the solution, it being something outside of you was an illusion, and you can no longer pretend. 

Can I call you friend?

When my back is up against the wall and my demons get hungry and they feel like feasting on my pain, sorrow, hurt, regret. All my broken dreams and unfulfilled promises ravage my mind and on my heart they seem to sit. Bleeding and bleeding out of me the smell of my misfortune causes them to grow enormous I only wish to destroy them.

Can I call you friend?

You showed me there’s no road to ridding myself of these demons that haunt me you taught me I cannot deny myself and that they are apart of me. Submission to what is, what has been, and what shall be, you taught me that I can learn to rise above with a calm mind and a open heart is the only way myself won’t rip myself apart.

I can call you friend, all of me I embrace lovingly and totally. I Am whole, above and apart of, but at the same time detached from. The Art of being and not being,  the dance that brings me pain to only deepen the depths of my heart and increases the brightness when I smile again. So bright that the whole world can see it. 

Sri Taris 

Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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