Interview with Lass X Christmas Surprise

Sri Taris was kind enough to be here. His responses are incredibly thoughtful and mindful. I recommend checking his work and following him. Only one more to go for this Christmas Surprise to be over!

Lass : Why do you enjoy writing in the third-person point of view?: 

S : So, for I, Sri Taris, I actually do not write any of the beautiful words you read. These poems write themselves and I simply enjoy being the vessel in which the divine flows through. Observing, being the awareness, watching the act of creation, being able to be apart of the dance and at the same time being able to observe the dance I am one with the all. The “all” in which everything comes from and everything must return back to.

Lass : Your outlook on life is very different from others, can you tell me a bit about your own mind and prespective?: 

S : I smiled when I read this question. To try my best to sum up the inner workings of my mind I’d have to say I realize that mind is a tool, it is not the real I, as most people, I feel are very identified with their minds and therefore are unable to start the journey back home and discovering their true self not the personality the ego has created to perpetuate the illusion of seperation. To realize heaven here on Earth, the mind has to be transcended and made servant of the true I (self) and not it’s master. Our society unfortunately isn’t designed to aid in the freeing of one’s self from the mind but instead to increasingly entrap and entangle the self in mind. Simply because of the degree of unconsciousness and lack of being mindful.

Lass : What do you think about making first impressions on people?:

S : Don’t try, just be. In being yourself at whatever degree or level of realization you have obtained of yourself, this allows a few things to happen. Firstly, a true connection can be made with another being that goes beyond the mind. Love which comes from beyond mind, the heart can be felt. Secondly, since we are all a reflection of each other, a deeper insight and clearer perspective of the nature of the true self can be obtained and realized if you can be present in the moment. Third, in first impressions being truly you allows illusions to fade away on their own without force. No one is pretending to be so there’s no pressure to conform to any idea that isn’t you. The world would then rise back into harmony with Mother Nature.

Lass : Do you believe in having a spiritual growth, if so, why?:

S : Spiritual growth is the reason for us being incarnated on this Earth plane. The soul, consciousness is ever seeking expansion. In order to expand one must experience, your experiences aren’t for just you they’re for the collective consciousness of humanity to continue to evolve. The way I see it all is that what we actually see isn’t really real but at the same time it is real relative to the experience of the experiencer. We’ve created this world from our mind’s for the soul to have experiences to draw deeper insights and realizations of itself and it’s nature. The soul of our universe which is all of us is a baby in this multiverse and all though it’s perfect it’s constantly perfecting. So as you the person grows, the soul in you grows, as the soul in you grows, the soul of the Earth grows, as the Eath’s soul grows, the soul of the universe grows and gets closer to its creator, it’s source. The consciousness that existed before time and before space and will exist here after. We all our connected.

Lass : How is the “energy of love” felt?: 

S : The energy of love is felt in the individual differently based upon their level of realization of what is and also has always been. Expressed in infinite ways and forms but all is love, can you open yourself to what is all around you and always inside of you. Opening your heart to the underlying energy of your being you may feel oneness with all because you are apart of the all when seen clearly there’s no separation with no blocks energy flows, when infinite energy flows through you nothing is impossible all is possible with the energy of love.

-TheMuddledLass ©

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more. Also, please follow Blissfulwords. His work is amazing.

Until next time,


Lass X.


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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