The Pisces

Born February 27th, my mom and pops first little blessing, I was put here to be a teacher, teaching deep inner lessons. 

My sign is a Pisces, creative by nature if I just swim with the current there’s no telling where it might lead. But I’m two fish swimming in opposite directions, causing and simultaneously creating its own dimension of infinite depthness. Stillness in motion eternal presence. 

I embody the yin and the yang, to be ever changing is the only constant, I love and embrace the ever dancing nature of the world for I know no other option.

I travel, but with no particular rush to my destination. Just enjoying the ride growing inside wth every experience, from getting into my first car accident or waiting to hop on the metro at the bus station. I embrace it all with love, bliss, and patience, stillness, awareness, and presence while I Am no longer in the corner waiting. 

I Am two fish, I embody polarity. Going on 27 years incarnated in this body, but I realize the essence of my soul is timeless. You can read about me, I’ve been etched in the stone of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Meditating in silence I feel my self in this eternal ocean in motion at the same time I blissfully drift. 

I’m the Pisces, incarnated as the scribe in this lifetime here for you to write these. Blissful Words for you and yours. Your true inner self I will help you realize.


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

19 thoughts on “The Pisces”

    1. In astrology we’re the last sign encompassing elements from ask the other signs. We are so to say Mir evolved consciousness as we are pulled to the spiritual dimensions a bit mite than most. I’ve read test the Pisces walks between the spiritual and material, the seen and the unseen, the manifested and unmanifested. Much love and light to you fellow Piscean on your journey home.

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