My Tribute to J.Cole 

I used to love bobbing my head to the rhythm and the beat, of my favorite rappers holding on to the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation to hear whatever words they had to speak. They inspired me to pick up my pen and pad and give all I got and all that I had in a hope that someone would notice take a ear to my flowed poetry.

I was real young with that vision probably no older than a boy in 6th grade, and I went on like this for longer than one and a half decades. But then I noticed the sickness, the dumbing down of the lyrics to make the youth, an impressionable generation, confused and more than abnormally ignorant.

Listening to radio I could no longer bare,  observing the game and every strategic chess move made,  just using us as pawns knock us down and move on. Tap, taping at the young minds with false images and dumb down beliefs and for each rapper partaking compounding and perpetuating the same circle of disease, instead of uplifting with their power they instead witness innocent souls get devoured by this insanity without speaking a word just enjoying mass wealth on the sacrifice of someone else misery add poverty, in my opinion that is passed lack of compassion and less than a coward.  In the lime light, As long as they remain, they can never wash out the stains, they’ll need a bit more than soap a towel and a cold shower to be what they once were, once again. 

But then my soul got uplifted as I scrolled through a list of artist and one seemed to be different. An artist by the name of J.Cole. He spoke lyrics from his heart, I felt the sincerity in his flow as I listened to his masterpieces, true works of art that resonated with my soul. His lyrics continued to get deeper and better than the lyrics he spoke when he first got his start. Free of ambition to make it to be number one on some kind of charts. 

Songs like LOVE Yours and False Prophets, just a couple songs I heard that was layered with higher knowledge. Not following the pack, staying true to himself I could feel the depths of his soul as his stories unfold far from the usual serving of whack that I was used to hearing elevation in his messages not just regurgitating the same old shallow crap. 

Thank you J.Cole if somehow you get to read this, I just have to say thank you again for inspiring the conscious rapper within, now I’m itching to pick up the pad and the pen. Making  music that elevates is what  I’m gonna do, for you realized the power of words in a song, you really lifted my spirits when to one of my passions I felt indifferent but I will make a difference. God and my ancestors be my witness,  working on my inner self everyday so I know I can help reality become more of a paradise and less like a prison. I got blissful words filled with love so I know the world would lend their ears to listen. 

Sri Taris 


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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