Thanks To All My Dear Ones 50 posts and 50 followers!!!

Just wanted to express deep thanks to all  for reading my art, leaving your likes and comments on my blog. Today I reached 50 followers and 50 posts. To all my dear ones I will forever hold you close. 

Inspiring words and inspirational insights come to me delivered express through the night. I share with you all and we become one in the essence of the art. 

You’ve showed love and motivated me on my quest. Through all of  you the sky’s is no limit I don’t know what accomplishment shall be next. But infinity knows eternity and my soul shares it’s light with the world and together we shine ever so bright.  

Thank you dear ones to see the world unite is why I write. With every follow, every comment, and every like, we come closer to realizing that beautiful sight.

Sri Taris 


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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