The Ride part 1

The Carriage pulled up to my feet, driven by a long curly haired woman, skin luminous, eyes ever so warm and deep, her voice akin to the beautiful manifested sounds from a harp. A Goddess she must be in my heart I thought. At her reigns were magnificent steeds, strong and black with hair made of cool blue flames, and out of their backs wings of fire like their hair one in the same.

Was this a dream? Howe could it be I behold their mysteriously beautiful radiance right in front of me. The Goddess invites me inside and says lets go for a ride.  And By her heavenly grace I Am obliged, and without thought I step inside. Where are we going? Is the question I ask, she looks at me, I’m captivated by her fiery glare and cool smile I’m content with no reply.

From her lips sweet melodies begin to flow forth, I never knew such harmonies could exist. The majestic creatures at her reigns began to take lift. This is unreal I thought but my heart knew the possibility of this reality. For even tho unfamiliar to my mind, I felt this wasn’t the first time my soul defied gravity. 

She sang the endless chatter of my mind away, until the thoughts ceased, as if, to pause to listen this angel sing to my heart’s beat. In this state of consciousness my mind’s eye began to fully open, the vibrations of her voice awoke it from it’s deep sleep. 
She then asked me what is it my son do you see? The words to answer did not form in my brain but arose out of my heart. I replied, endless forms of energy seemingly dancing, but eye cannot see a end nor from in which any of these forms start.

The benevolence of her voice soothed my soul as she replied I feel you have vision son. Go into the flow, come into your being, relax, do nothing, and enjoy this ride for there is much that needs to be done. Yet every more you need not to know.

Sri Taris

Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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