Lovers, Dance to Freedom

I felt my heart skip a beat, as the desire to become whole inside of you, across my mind the thought began to creep. 

It started as a little notion, not much, like a spec on my mind’s canvas. But with each passing thought, it’s as if my mind deeply dips it’s  paintbrush inside of you, we become pleasantly stained by every one of my soul expanding strokes.

This flame is no longer able to be contained, the thoughts of you and I can no longer remain solely, silently inside of my brain. This reality I crave, wants to become manifest unable to keep my composure as the thought floats in my mind of my firm fingers playing notes upon your beautifully shaped breasts. As I journey deep within you my only desire becomes to find your source utilizing my solid tool to aid me on this liberating quest, I go steady on my course. 

I want to release you from the confines of your mind. Becoming one in the moment our essence together we may find. After the pain of me breaking though what you thought was the real you, now you begin to ease into the magical sensations that remain to be true.

As you let all the life’s pressure, pains, and stress melt away onto me, riding the steady calming rhythm of my heart beat, calling, inticing you, as you grow intensely  aware of the sound it makes pounding though my chest. 

I push and you pull, it’s like our dance. Our unique rhythm is not too slow but not too fast, we make our own music the way we play can never be matched. As you free yourself through me it’s as if your soul cries and I experience the immense wetness from it’s overdue release. 

You and I begin to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, there’s no need to worry, there’s no need to hurry, as I bury myself inside you, you are filled and I am complete in this moment our souls from these bodies are released, in these moments they are truly free, finally we may truly meet. 

I feel as though I know, I’m connected to every part of you. As you move I move, this dance puts me in a trance I float and I can watch us move ever so artful. You please me in ways I couldn’t imagine, you are beyond being thoughtful. 

As you and I are filled with joy capacity to the max, I take your breath away as you relax and ease into this divine climax. I inhale your breath and I ride all of your waves. I’ve freed your true self, no longer a slave, I’ve opened you, now your hand in mine free of life’s chains we dance our way out of our mind’s cage. Serenely in divine grace. Always and forever in love is where our hearts reside. 

Sri Taris 


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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