Thanks, Giving

Thanksgiving, a beautiful concept of unity and coming together as one human body. Unfortunately, it seems that it has become an agent to keep people from truly seeing. 

As the majority are caught in the illusion, the blind leading the blind into total and utter confusion. A day of feasting, on Mother Earth’s beautiful creations making jolly out of innocent soul’s grieving. To endorse suffering of any kind isn’t the way, but we have been conditioned into this false believing. 

A day of giving thanks, there’s so much to truly be thankful for, this aspect is over looked searching for the biggest turkey in the grocery store. 

Why is this day taken to revel in the past, when in reality an entire culture of human beings were exploited, stripped of their land with no intention on every truly  giving it back. The free spirit, put into a box, bodies beaten and mind’s chained and locked. 

The countless atrocities from our past, the mass manipulation of the people’s minds in the present, walking us by the hand into a very mysterious future. Using our mind’s and following are hearts in these days is ever so  pivotal, ever so crucial. 

I think of the state of humanity, riddled by the choices and decisions of the majority that leads to these destructive patterns. I witness the pain, the grief, and the utter madness. In this constant competing and attempting to fill outwardly, holes that have been dug within. 

To be in the state of thanks, to be in the state of giving, this is truly divine. For one day of the whole year these principles of a soul’s life should not be confined. To realize these principles every day is to shape the world divine. 

Enjoy your day for it shall pass, but our universal karma will continue to last and last. Let’s give thanks for we are here to help the all find their own way, Mother Earth, all of the precious animals, and our fellow human beings, helping guide them on their way back. 


Sri Taris


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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