Fly in the Night

As I gaze into the infinite night sky a part of me feels a sense of expansion almost as if I’m reaching, reaching to become closer to what it is I’m observing. I breath in the cool night air deep inside my lungs and I begin to let go of my mind and open my heart to universal truth and unattached learning. 

I can feel the moon’s awareness of my perception of her and I become engulfed in her luminous glow. As the cool breeze swiftly glides across my face and my chest I feel refreshed and my mind then becomes aware of what it was unaware of before it’s like suddenly I realize and know.

As my eyes begin to widen I feel the soul in this being continually rising, up above of all the world’s toil and turmoil, trials and tribulations until I’m free of this body and I can feel my True self majestically flying. Lifted up and sustained by the universe’s pure love and it feels so amazing.

Sri Taris

Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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