As she lays down right next to me the only phrase in my mind that plays and replays is Damn, this woman is so undeniably sexy. 

But that doesn’t begin to describe her, she more than just a four letter word. I’m past intoxication, I’m passed out drunk in her love, I feel so free and reckless as I swang and I swerve while driving fast on her highway of marvelous curves. 

But I love her for more than just the sex you see, I mean yes, the sex make me feel so heavenly only thing I wanna do is to press repeat, sometimes we just lay and communicate with our mind we don’t even have to say a thing, not even a peep, just laying there vibing in silence. It’s so sweet and serene, two heavenly bodies, I’m her king and she my queen of my wildest fantasies and my most sacred dreams. We take each other there, fly so high in the sky no need for red bull, we both have given each other wings. 

As I’m watching you walk to me my mind goes somewhere and before I know I’ve become hopelessly lost. Two deep pools of endless brown love sit upon your face, eyes no longer exist, and these have taken there place. I’m so hungry for your love all I want do is just bury my face inside of your angel cake,  but it pays to be patient, so before I eat I gotta make sure I say my amazing grace. My baby so sweet, and I gotta sweet tooth so Ima need more than just a taste. I know someone out there can relate but if not it’s okay, I’ll just continue to keep on doing my thang. 

My baby so sexy, me and my baby so deeply connected. I don’t know what else to say but she is more than just a blessing, she loves to bestow upon me her blessings. As we gaze deep in each others eyes, we can read each others mind, In my head I’m undressing her as she undresses me, now I look and behold one of the Great Creator’s magnificent masterpiece. Sexy work of art, looking so amazing like you just strolled out a painting. With no weapons baby you armed and you dangerous. So sexy, yeah you shooting me down with your soul, mind, and body, baby without firing a shot you’re just simply banging.

 You’re just so sexy. 

Sri Taris


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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