Problem Solved

I’m just reflecting on the severity of injustices done throughout history, why does it seem the world we have been creating is filled with so much hate, endless greed, subjugation, lust, oppression, envy,  and self made enemies. 

Growing up under the assumption that everyone feels how I feel you know love for humanity as a whole, not just a superficial love for the personality of any self serving self seeking individual. A heart that feels the depths of what’s real not just the ever changing appearance of the manifested material. I feel deep, as I tap into the essence of perception beyond the surface I can see and sense what is there but not there seen but unseen I call it the metaspiritual. 

I could recall as I perused through countless pages of public school history books, this uneasy feeling as if I was getting pieces to a puzzle but I could never paint a whole picture, and the picture that was being painted wasn’t exactly as real as it was made to look.  The inescapable thought that I can ask as many questions as I want,  but I wouldn’t get no answers the most of my education was fabrication just an elaborate front. 

How long can you cover up the real? Does it matter how many families are being broken, and the countless number of human lives being scarified and mercilessly killed? The most just sit back and watch accepting lies being fed to us by your television box, so content in your corner office box, so content with other human beings in less than human living conditions behind bars in a box. I feel like they want all of our minds all boxed up they say truth hurts but look how much all the lies being told cost us. 

It really does seem like we are living in some type of matrix harnessing all the human and planetary energy to feed this machine and we are made to believe this is the only shade of reality. But that had to be apart of the deception, we’re the source of all wealth there shouldn’t be a such thing as an a depression. The people are not standing together for a common cause, so they keep on causing all this separation  it seems like an attempt to just destroy it all. 

The human race it’s at critical point in this game played with out a hoop and a ball, we’re having extinction from our own hands k of we don’t learn to love all and in love mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually evolve. We most grow end of story,  problem solved. 

Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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