The Divine Feminine

Mesmerized by you, I cannot contemplate the immensity of her inner depth. How deep does her soul go,  there is no way for I as a man can truly think to understand, but through you, I can feel, through feeling what is real the illusions fade and I then can learn to know.

She, the beginning of it all, it would appear to be, to deny The Mother is to relive your death and to never find what’s real, true eternity. For in Her heart is where it all lies, but the complexity of my masculine mind seems to complicate, disguise, veil, and misconstrue the original goal, the one true prize. 


To be whole again, as for Her, She needs me, I ignore how much I’m truly nothing without you. Denying ever more the fact you created me and all things. I came from you and I’m apart of you, so time and time again I wander in my mind, not feeling, I know I’m totally lost without Her. I must learn to lead they say, but a true leader must learn to follow. Following, but not in man, because they don’t fully understand their role, unquenchable thirst to possess unpossesables, and vain desires such as greed, wealth, control, and power. To The Great Mother I humbly bow, she is and always shall be with me omnipresent in the now. 

Not past, not future, this is the realm of my egoic mind. Which can only exist in the illusion of time. Only in the present may I come into Her presence, the only state of being that is real, so I can feel and experience all of her many blessings. With Her I exist, free from fear, and all mind made bullshit. I walk so empty with Her, but She endlessly feels my heart and soul with her eternal Bliss. She gives unto those who truly believe, witnessing life come and go forever and ever she delights to bestow her gifts. And as I follow I am fortunate enough to receive. 

That divine energy dwells in us all and manifests herself any many beautiful forms. With great reverence for the Great Mother, and all of her daughters here on the Earth,  my inner most soul can never be harmed. She protects and provides. Nurtures and gives me the strength I need to carry on. 

Sri Taris


Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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