Phoenix’s Heart Burns

Silky smooth were the words given from an inmate in an unconventional mind made prison. Not knowing, I was naieve and foolish as I desperately wanted to experience and believe and so as he whispered, I listened with close attention. 

Holding on to every word spoken as if they were breath itself,  forgetting in the rush and thrill that to hold on to breath is to ask for a slow and excruciating painful death. 

But the weave he wove was not of a beginner. Intricate, deceptive, and clever my innocence was smelt like fear or blood by what was an expert pretender. 

As he talked, I walked, follow his smooth voice my feet told my brain even though my heart screamed and begged to turn the other way. 

Desire, it began to arise inside, first in my belly I felt it, with every lie. It was like, lumber fueling this fire. Until the fumes reached my heart where she then grew ever more clouded and hazy. Mistaking pain for feelings I perceived to be amazing. 

As I continue to go on this once exciting stroll, desire continued to brew in me. I began to run to these ever fleeing feelings and the more I gained the more I became empty. 

His words had gotten so far ahead of me that I didn’t realize where or to whom I was being led. Striving to ascend,  in reality I only sunk and from walking to running and now I became stuck. 

I was lead a stray,  when I realized his trick I’d fallen dead in his trap. As I peered up I caught a glimpse of his true self as he grinned looking at me back. 

The emptiness of his eyes was a reflection as they mirrored back my own it grew harder to breath and the coldness of ice froze the marrow in my bones. I can no longer hear sweet, soothing,  satisfying words, it’s been replace by something foreign and very unknown. 

I can only be still now as now I’m consumed by the darkness of this bottomless trap. I hear my heart, she beats, oh, how she beats so strong, and through the pain I thought I felt, I realize this abiding calm. 

She does not speak but only intuitively I can feel her deep rhythm. Calmer and calmer I become and stronger and stronger I can feel what’s real, and we become one. 

No longer am I cold, I feel this radiant warmth throughout my entire being. She shined her light and now the haze is gone, only clarity remained and infinite seeing. 

She beats stronger, I’m now engulfed in what appears to be flames from the love energy which is in me generating this divine heat. Fire in which I do not burn only illuminate the darkest depths of my soul. I surrender to her, and then I spontaneously relinquish all control. 

I rise, in a glorious luminous blaze. I am the Phoenix. I’ve burned through the bars of my prison. My flaming wings spread out wide as I fly. I never again shall allow myself to be caged. 

Sri Taris

Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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