To know why, is to know to never know. What’s the need to know? Once known then what?

The thrill in trying to figure this out I find more appealing. The journey, more so than the destination, pay attention and experience the depths of knowing instinctive.

To know, the closing yourself to the infinite unknown in which we all are born from, mature in, and eventually where we all must go.

Uniting body with mind, mind with spirit, and spirit back to the form of body is to know the divine trinity and be aware of the endless circuitry.

In which energy is abundant and ever more growing and extending, expanding into the mystery of creation that had no beginning and there by knows no end.

Now truly ask yourself how is there a such thing as sin?

Live in this consciousness, be, simply be and you’ll discover your inner most purpose. It may come to you instantly clear or in bursts of what seems to be something whether or not in which to be certain.

We all have a purpose designed uniquely for us all. This life is a game, a stage, a movie, just be conscious and you will witness the polarity, the rise and the fall.

Stay present with Purpose, this is the key to transcend what appears to be black and white in appearance and experience the oneness of it all and see beyond vision.

Purposely realize the depth of the eternal light and let it warm the heart, and let her omnipresence envelope you and hold you tight.

Sri Taris

Author: Sri Taris

I Am conscious energy, here with the purpose of transcending the mind, and uniting the spirit of humanity in natural peace, love, and harmony!

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