Peaceful Times

Compassionate courage, to fight without raising arms

The biggest action is non action, to fight in the name of peace

Is to truly fight for the self and selfish desires, this is not the way

The only war that can bring peace is no war

Let’s learn to effectively communicate instead of terrorize and mutilate

Other human beings, who may have an opinion that’s opposing

Openness to all sides is the key and the doorway to higher learning

Once we can put all the petty differences aside

Think of our children’s paradise, we could create if we would unite

Come together for a common goal instead of self seeking individuals

This point it’s critical, humanity to become whole, one unified mind

Imagine operating as one human body instead of all these severed extremities

The future lies hidden in the present, in order to survive and thrive we must learn the past’s lessons.

Let’s Be humble be truthful and always remember to count our blessings.

Sri Taris

Where to Turn

Driving my brain to the brink of insanity unable to grasp this perishable reality

I’ve been up, I’ve been down, but how do I walk straight, & be free now

Where to turn, for a sign of the light Where to turn, I look, it’s out of my sight

But I feel the heat rising inside of me, growing, guiding me on life’s eternal mysterious sea

If I keep turning, and turning, when, when shall I stop, I must stop in order to begin.

I must rise, I must rise, I must rise. There’s no more turning, stillness I’ve realized is life

I must rise, I Am forever ascending. Stillness in motion is my inner essence, I am alive now, ever living ever present, growing ever more aware of life’s beauty and all her blessings.

Sri Taris

Tides of Life

Surviving these times, riding the tides of life.

All of the lows and all of the highs.

Knowing no beginning unaware of any end.

There’s no need to cry just smile and grin.

The pain won’t last, it’ll pass in time.

Making us stronger and adding depth to life.

If you stay a float or if you let yourself go into the deep.

Either way you must ride the waves because the wave is you the wave is me.

Sri Taris

Spirits Move In Me

Starry night, I watch the bodies move through the heavens. Their light illuminated my soul I behold a glorious blessing.

These days are always followed by nights, this is all I know. Eternity seems to be here and now, time and space a river into an ocean they flow.

The sky is endless it’s so vast and with no end in sight to my knowledge it’s infinite.

This Earth heart beats, her rhythm is truly divine. Her spirit feels the air I breathe, I inhale her and forever she is apart of me.

Thank you great spirits of the universe, for sustaining beings. This life is a beautiful dream.

Sri Taris

The Situation

Sometimes I just want to kick push like Lupe.

And get as far away from the facades in my face, faker than a bald man’s toupee.

And if I could just coast, no stress no worries just enjoying life and her every moments with no hurry.

That would be supreme and serene but it truly seems that society has a problem with humans simply just being.

With a million and one distractions it becomes hard for one to find traction. Easily getting caught up in choosing sides in a million and one factions.

Division of the human body is our current predicament but I can see the times changing. Nothing stays the same I observed and witness molecules rearranging.

I can see it clearly we are little prices in the big puzzle, finding harmony within brings peace externally and that’s the end to all of self induced suffering.

Take a step back you’ll see that if I look you in your eyes I don’t you all I can see is me. We are all one in the same pretending to be a name.

Sri Taris


What happened to the fairy tales does anyone still believe in happy endings? Fighting with all your heart to get to a space nobody could’ve foreseen due to your turmoiltous beginnings

Overcoming yourself and all of your illusionary fears, discovering your inner strength and smiling through all of the tears.

Good and evil, evil and good one in the same perception is the key to unlocking this game. Open your mind, open your heart, open your eye, see the unity and escape those chains of thought.

What happened to the magic of the “myths” of past? These stories were based in truth but because of logic they became only stories to entertain. But those who feel know that the magic still remains.

In our hearts the key to unlocking the door to free perception is buried. But the magic of life never died no matter how deep this present world tries to contain it in its cemetery.

The love of life and the life in all won’t allow hope to completely vanish and magic to entirely dissolve.

It’s all around you if you choose to believe. If you open your eye and your heart you will feel as well as see.

The magic in the atmosphere is never too far but always near. Love the unknown it’s only an aspect of you not discovered there’s no need to fear.

Magic is real, embrace the magic, cultivate your inner magic and don’t judge. Your body’s end is inevitable but your eternal soul is what makes life magical.

Sri Taris